2GR-fe oil change ( with pictures)

Just done an oil and filter change on the Vellfire. Was not to difficult biggest issue is the requirement of a special socket to remove the filter housing cap. the van was over due by about 5000 km going on the stickers on the side of the dash,
Oil change interval on these is 15,000 km, I will do it at 10,000 km as oil is cheaper than a worn out engine.
So here goes under body the oil filler is quite easy to get to easier than the 1mz, does require removing a plastic clip and folding a part of the under tray back

This is the filter cap it also has a drain feature in the centre
This is the filter kit I use Comes with new orings and the wee plastic drain ****

Undoing the drain plug

Drain plug out, there is a wee valve inside that requires you screw in plastic drain ****.

Then you screw in the plastic drain plug and it drains out the oil

this only drains out the oil in the filter, as you can see it is bloody dirty :(
Next is to undo the filter housing it requires a special socket which you can buy aftermarket, but I brought one from Toyota as I get a good deal from them and we now have 2 vehicles that run this setup

Then you put it all back together with the new filter and o rings, there are 2 one on the filter cap and one for the drain plug, tighten to 25 NM.

Draining the engine oil is easy as undo the sump plug and let oil drain out, it was super tight on this so it may never of been out since put in from new ( it is common in japan to suck out the old oil via the dipstick hole)

Once the oil is out replace sump plug and refill with oil. I used 6.1 litres of 15w40 diesel engine oil as that is what I use in everything and it will clean the engine I will possible change it in about 5000km for this first time as it will gunk up fairly quickly.

Also did an Air filter change
Old air filter ( not to bad I have seen way worse)

New filter
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